The Black Collection

Kesseler In Its Purest Form. For those who desire exclusivity.

A collection that defies convention. Featuring a blend of dark woods and unique textures. This collection is for those who seek something different. Complemented by bold copper, mysterious graphite and stunning brass accessories, the Black collection is the pinnacle of kitchen design.

Onyx grey with dark Graphite Wood
Perfect Matte Black and Evora 03
Onyx Grey plus Evora 04
Cosmos Grey and Concrete Stone
Onyx Grey with Ice 04

Exceptional Carbon fibre Edging

An option of subtle carbon fibre effect detailing trim gives the Black Collection a beautifully refined and distinguished presence, giving your Kesseler kitchen detail in those places where only Kesseler can create genuine “extraordinary”.

The sensuous mix of carbon fibre and the styles found within the Black collection highlights the brilliance of dark on dark tonality that is perfect for a mysterious and moody kitchen design.

Discover our other collections

Kesseler’s in house product design experts have compiled alternative collections that may better suit your personal tastes.

Our Deep collection contains captivating greys beautifully complimented with natural wood and dark uni-colours, specially curated to produce a calm and friendly environment.

While the light collection contains finishes and colours that will make your kitchen feel bright and spacious.

Light Collection

Brilliant whites, light greys with bright aluminium accessories delivers a calming relaxed environment
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Deep Collection

Seductive warm cashmere and luxurious dark woodgrains produce a friendly and inviting space.
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